Beh?et’s Disease

Committed to raising awareness of Beh?et’s Disease – a rare and frequently misdiagnosed disease with high unmet need

Beh?et’s Disease is a rare, chronic, multisystem, inflammatory disease. Painful, recurrent oral ulcers are the most common manifestation, but genital ulcers, ocular disease, skin lesions, joint pain and other manifestations may also occur. Without recognition of the connection between these seemingly unrelated manifestations, a diagnosis can be delayed for years. In fact, the average time from onset of symptoms to Beh?et’s Disease diagnosis is 5.3 years.*

Celgene continues our focus on addressing areas of unmet need for people living with rare diseases, including for patients around the world with Beh?et’s Disease.

* Study of 661 patients at the Behcet’s Disease units of Akdeniz, Cukurova, Firat, Gazi, Inonu and Mersin Universities

Advocacy & Collaboration

Learn about the various patient organizations that support patients with rare diseases, like Beh?et’s Disease.


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