Multiple Myeloma

Expanding our leadership to deliver new options for multiple myeloma patients.

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of a type of immune cell called a plasma cell that affects nearly half a million people around the world. Despite significant progress in treatment over the past decade, this blood cancer remains challenging due to its cyclical and progressive nature, as well as its ability to mutate and adapt over time.
Celgene is a pioneer in multiple myeloma research and has discovered and is developing an extensive portfolio of therapies in this area. As a leader, whose very foundations were built upon helping patients with this incurable disease, we remain committed to delivering new and better options for these patients through our deep scientific and technical expertise.

Advocacy & Collaboration

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Celgene is committed to delivering new options for multiple myeloma patients.

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Celgene is dedicated to offering support to patients with Multiple Myeloma and those who care for them.
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