Investigator-initiated Trials

Celgene Corporation is committed to changing the course of human health through bold pursuits in science. The mission and purpose of the Investigator-Initiated program are to provide support for investigator-initiated research (“IITs”) in disease areas that help advance the medical and scientific knowledge of Celgene compounds.

Celgene may provide grant funding, and/or drug supply depending on the type of research.? Proposals are reviewed by the Celgene Internal Review Committee (IRC) based on scientific merit, research priorities, and available resources.

If you are:

  • from any country interested in proposing an Inflammation and Immunology IIT, or
  • located in the Americas, proposing an IIT in the area of Hematology or Oncology

Please submit your request directly through IMAGE – Celgene’s “IIT Medical Affairs Global Enterprise” System. Submission of a request does not guarantee approval.

Submit a request for a Clinical Investigator-initiated Trial

If you are a located outside of the Americas and wish to propose a Hematology or Oncology IIT, please contact your local Field Medical Associate or Local Celgene office to discuss your IIT proposal.
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