Research & Development Centers

Celgene R&D is sustaining a deep and diverse pipeline of paradigm-changing innovation.

Celgene has R&D facilities strategically located around the United States and in Europe. Each location is uniquely equipped to its specialty:

San Diego location

Drug Discovery & Alliance Development Epigenetics/Signaling
San Diego, CA

The Drug Discovery & Alliance Development center in San Diego, CA is also our hub for epigenetics and intracellular signaling research and development.

Seattle labs

Immune-Oncology Research
Seattle, WA

Our Thematic Center of Excellence (TCoE) in Seattle, WA is making tremendous strides in I/O research and patient data analysis.

Cambridge location

I&I Thematic Center of Excellence | MedChem
Cambridge, MA

The I&I TCoE and MedChem teams in Cambridge, MA are focused on target identification, biology and chemistry research for inflammation and immunology conditions.

Non-clinical & Early Clinical Development
Summit, NJ

Our research labs in Summit, NJ are focused on Clinical Pharmacology, pre-clinical development and overall project leadership for our innovative research.

San Francisco location

Translational Development Epigenetics
San Francisco, CA

Celgene’s Translational Development Epigenetics center in San Francisco, CA serves as the main site for for IMiDs? research.

CITRE - Seville, Spain location

Seville, Spain

CITRE activities are incorporated as Celgene Research SLU, a Spanish company funded by private US capital. Many current activities are jointly financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Andalusian Regional Ministry for Economy, Innovation and Science through the Andalusian Development and Innovation Agency, the State Company for Promoting and Attracting Foreign Investment (INVEST IN SPAIN), and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). CITRE also participates as an industry partner in EU Seventh Framework proteomics consortium PrimeXS, and will provide an industrial training environment in forthcoming Marie Curie Initial Training Network project EpiHealthNet.