Celgene Cancer Care Links?



Celgene Cancer Care Links? is a grant program to support cancer healthcare capacity building in resource-constrained countries around the world. As part of this program, Celgene will collaborate with local communities and institutions focused on enhancing patient care and building sustainable cancer care systems. In 2018, Celgene selected ten programs for funding and provided more than $1 million in total to expand essential cancer care services in countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. We are pleased to announce that Celgene Cancer Care Links? grant program will continue in 2019.

Many parts of the world dealing with poverty, infectious disease, and food insecurity, now must face the additional burden posed by non-communicable diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer). Organizations and medical centers with cancer expertise have developed programs to share their knowledge and resources to meet the needs in these resource-constrained countries. However, the burden of cancer in these locations continues to need additional support, as recognized by many organizations, including the World Health Organization, American Cancer Society and the Union for International Cancer Control.

As part of Celgene’s dedication to changing the course of human health as well as our commitment to addressing the needs of cancer patients, Celgene has participated in cancer care in Africa with a program in Kenya, managed by AMPATH (Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare). To continue to help with the growing worldwide cancer burden, Celgene Cancer Care Links program will fund initiatives which enhance patient cancer care in currently resource-constrained countries of the world.


Eligible Initiatives for Celgene Cancer Care Links Program Include:

Oncology Training Programs

Cancer Prevention, Detection & Treatment

Nursing Training Programs & Services

Pharmacy Training Programs

General Medical Support Programs

Awareness & Education

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